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Please fill out this registration form if you are planning on attending. It is important for us to have an accurate idea of how many people will be attending, in order to plan for food, accomodation, etc.  Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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Though it is important that the costs of the conference are covered, we also do not want anyone to feel they cannot attend due to financial hardship. As we are building a spirit of solidarity amongst sisters, the 3-day conference costs will be covered on a donation basis. Below are some suggested amounts, and if it is possible to pay a bit more, that will help cover the costs of our sisters who might not be able to pay the minimum.

Delhi Sector: 200-2000 rupees per person

New York, Hong Kong, Berlin and Georgetown Sectors: 50-100 USD or euros per person

Cairo and Nairobi Sectors: 20-75 euros

You can make your contribution conveniently online, or at the conference venue: