The following workshops took place during the Jubilee program:

  • Women’s well-being

    • Natural Treatment and Prevention of Breast Cancer – Didi Ananda Rucira
    • Homeopathy for Children: Radha, Ratisha
  • Awakening our spiritual potential (sadhana, kiirtan, prabhat samgiita, philosophy)

    • Deepening your Spiritual Practice: Didi Ananda Vibha
    • Experiences with Baba: Didi Ananda Karuna and Didi Ananda Giita
  • Women’s role in social change   (leadership skills, tapping our full potential, historical women)

    • Leadership skills in the 21st Century: Laksmii
  • Finding our voices through artistic expression (interactive workshops on dance, music, theater, film, painting etc)

    • Science and Bliss of Kiirtan: Jyotsna
    • Diving into the Beauty of Prabhat Samgiita: Didi Ananda Abhiisha
  • Educating for a Neo-humanist future (best practices in educating children, teenagers, adults)

    • Growing up in Children’s Homes: addressing the Special Needs and Spiritual Needs of our Children:  Didi Ananda Devapriya, Didi Ananda Kalika
    • Neohumanist Education: Didi Ananda Rama
  • Creating dynamic social service to meet local needs (designing projects, social businesses)

    • Addressing the challenges of School Principles in Delhi Sector: Malati
    • Increasing the economic self-sustainability of our projects: Didi Ananda Rucira, Didi Ananda Devapriya
    • Setting up disaster relief programs: Didi Ananda Prama, Didi Ananda Uttama